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Northwest Indiana Health Summit

Attendees will have the opportunity to talk with facilitators in a roundtable discussion, visit vendors and engage with local health professionals.

The concept of a round-table reinforced the notion that everyone has a part in promoting health and wellness in their community. Since 2017, MWN has hosted this Summit in three locations across Northwest Indiana.

The event features roundtable discussions, presenters and a lunch speaker or a panel of experts discussing the leading health issues affecting Northwest Indiana. These roundtable sessions are an excellent way to engage participants in indepth discussions and get feedback on solutions to address the health issues.

The Summit features new topics each year based on feedback from year, however; diabetes, hypertension and stroke are mentioned every year. The roundtable topics for 2023:

Care planning; Gastrointestional/Gerd; A-Fib & Stroke; Mental Health. A panel of health experts discussed issues related to Health and Wellness Literacy: Chronic disease; Telehealth medicine; Impact of COVID-19; Alternative Wellness & Healthy Lifestyles.

For more information about the Health Summit: email us at

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